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Tarot for Beginners Workshop

I was 17 when I started getting my tarot cards read regularly. It was therapy for me. Even now that's what I use the cards for. It's a tool to connect to the deeper levels of your mind to bring to the surface that which needs attention so it can be healed. They've brought me understanding, comfort, light bulb moments, and a deeper connection to myself.

I'm so excited to offer Tarot for Beginners. This introductory workshop will be 4 parts so we can dive deep into the meaning of each card, how to give a simple reading, how to read for yourself, and how to have a meaningful relationship with tarot.

When: Sundays, September 24, October 1, 8, & 15 (must be able to attend all 4 sessions). 11:00am-1:00pm

What you need: each student is required to purchase Robin Wood Tarot Deck (we also sell them at Blackbird, please email to purchase) so we are all working with and learning from the same deck. This was the first deck I purchased when I was a teenager and I've been using it ever since. It follows the symbology of the traditional Rider-Waite deck, but has a softer feel to it. I find this to be the perfect deck for beginners.

Get a Discount! Get a friend to sign up with you and you both get the entire course for $222! Text/call Andrea to register you both together 508-982-8433

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