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Prophets & Ancient Seers: Decisions, Predictive Guidance

There is a time to be logical and a time to let your creative juices bubble over, but which do you choose when it’s time to make a decision? Do you act responsibly and logically or do you let your desire and passion bring you to what you really want?

The world is always at your fingertips and too often we forget that we can truly have anything we want if our intention is pure and focused. You must know what you want to get what you want. You wouldn’t go to a restaurant and said, “Just give me something with pasta in it.” Think of the universe as a menu and you can choose anything you want, but you have to be specific or you might just get a bowl of plain, cold pasta. Can you live with that? Will you be satisfied?

If you’re having trouble knowing which decision to make, ask for help from a wise friend or mentor, get an intuitive reading, or sit in a quiet space and let your guides talk to you.

Dream big, want more, go for it.

~Many blessings,


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