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Visiting the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Middleboro

"What made you go to church after all this time?" a few friends and family members asked me after I told them I visited the First Unitarian Universalist Church in Middleboro last Sunday.

"I'm just craving more community and ways to be of service, "I said.

I remember going to Catholic mass on Sundays as a child and feeling bored and even a little scared. There's nothing warm and fuzzy about Catholic mass is there? But I understand that tradition is tradition for those that were brought up Catholic. You don't question how it's done, you just do it.

Well as I ease into my 40s, explore my own need to minister, and raise my daughter, I am looking for more structure in a spiritual practice. And I've try to do it alone for the past 10 years. Walking through the woods talking to the "Beloved Presence" (I read this term for God for the first time at UU and it really resonates), lighting candles and doing manifestation work, even holding monthly Full Moon circles at Blackbird all feel like lovely spiritual practices, but it's not filling the cup.

What I think is missing is a larger community and doing acts of service with a group.

I'm comfortable and secure with my connection to God. I don't need help finding or understanding that part of me that is divinely connected. I'm just ready to level up spiritually.

Which is why I'm doing my bachelor's in Metaphysics and becoming an ordained metaphysical minister. I was hoping to be done this December, but it might take a little longer. That's ok. There's no rush.

My mother and I stepped into the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Middleboro last Sunday morning and immediately felt at ease. A number of congregants came over to introduce themselves since they could tell we were knew and even the Reverend came over to shake hands. Very warm and inviting atmosphere.

For those of that don't know about the UUs, I've pulled this from their website:

If you are looking for a spiritual home, come in and experience our open minds, open hearts and open doors. For over 125 years, the First Unitarian Universalist Society has been serving individuals and families in Middleboro and surrounding towns with great music, meaningful and thought-provoking sermons and opportunities to give back. We are committed to spiritual growth and lifelong learning with religious exploration that promotes creativity, integrity and compassion. We work together to build a world that is more loving and more just for all people.

And this link says it all from their website:

There were posters of all the symbols of major religions (even the sacred Pentacle!) on the walls and a large, beautiful rainbow flag outside of their doors. The accept EVERYONE into their congregation which is how it should be.

I really had no idea what to expect from the service, but I was very happy that it was very inclusive and talked more about love and acceptance rather than any deity figure. It was just what I was looking for really. There was music and singing and a sermon, and coffee hour afterwards. Children actively apart of the beginning of service and then were taken halfway out of service to be cared so the adults could really settle into their spiritual time.

And the amount of social justice event they do is so inspiring!!

This is what I'm hoping to be involved in and I'm so happy there is a congregation in Middleborough that is leading the way.

If you are interested in going to a service with me on a Sunday at 10:30, reach out so we can coordinate!

Many Blessings,


Blackbird Blessings

2 Rocky Gutter St.

Middleboro, MA

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